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Basic Single Site SEO

$299  ::  Al a Carte

Single domain optimized for your target market utilizing 1-3 specific locations.

(per site, sub-domain, or plus site)

Single Dedicated SEO Page

$399  ::  Al a Carte

A completely unique, dedicated content page that is optimized to answer the who, what, where and why of your business while targeting your chosen market(s). This page is designed to meld with the look and feel of your current site so that it can be included in your main navigation or buried deep within your site. I like to think of these pages like little mini-sites within your website. Your dedicated page may contain, text blocks, graphics, photographs, videos, links to blog post, etc.

(per site, sub-domain, or plus site)

One on One SEO Training

$599  ::  Al a Carte

Up to 3 hours of one on one video chat training on how to SEO your website and blog posts specific to your target market. Real time screen sharing and walk through. I will actually be implementing SEO into your site while you watch and learn and ask as many questions as needed. This option will allow you to be the master of your own SEO destiny!

(per site, sub-domain, or plus site)



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