Web Design and SEO Ninja

Meet Robin - The Mastermind behind The R2 Design Shop

I have been called an “SEO Ninja” more than once by my Clients. I have been successful in getting my Clients to appear within the first 5 pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo within weeks, sometimes even days, of the changes I make on their sites. Depending on the market saturation, many of those Clients find themselves moving towards the top of the list in a short period of time!

In February of 2013 I did a search on Google for my website based on my target market. I must have searched through 75 page results to find that my website at the time was no where to be found. This sent me on a mission to figure out how to quickly boost my site.


Lucky for me I had a degree in Communication Arts & Design from VCU with a background in Web Design, which I had put on the back-burner in 2007 to advance my photography career. So, I dug deep into my web roots and re-familiarized myself with everything “web” while updating my knowledge base with all of the new stuff that Google was requiring and suggesting in order to have a good ranking. Within days of the changes I had made I found that my site was magically showing up on Google!

Yes, it helps that I am an experienced web designer but, it’s likely I have been where you are – totally confused as to why my site has no presence, wracking my brain over three small letters – SEO – and wishing there was some sort of SEO “easy button”. Well, I am here to give you some comfort and let you know that THIS is your “easy button”. Together we can improve your ranking and I might even change the outlook of despair that you have over that dreaded SEO!

– Robin Reece

Designer, SEO Ninja, & Co-Owner of The R2 Studio